We transform your pet into art in 4 easy steps:

  1. Take a photo

Snap a few pictures of your pet. It is not necessary to hire a top of the range photographer to get the best picture or angle, our company helps you with that.

To get the best portrait, follow these guidelines:

  • Snap the picture of your pet from an eye level - it is not usually necessary, but we believe it gives the optimum angle for a great portrait.

  • Ensure your pet is not leaning on any object - in order to ensure the focus is centered only on your pet, we do not allow furniture so ensure your pet is not leaning on one so the focus does not shift to the inanimate object.

  1. Send it

After taking a series of pictures, there will certainly be a few which stands out amongst the rest. Send it to us and we would select the best backdrop for you to check it out.

  1. Customization begins!

Our in-studio artists will take this picture, and transform it into a digital portrait of your pet and we would allow you to see it for inspection and if possible, alteration, this usually takes as many as five days. Once you're done, our artist will use this as a compass to create your masterpiece to create that very special art with your pet.

  1. Printing time

Once again, we need your approval. When you tell us you love what we have done so far, we move on to the next stage. We begin printing on your preferred material, be it a shirt, pillow case, furniture, or even on food, we do that for you. Once we are done printing on your selected material, we inform you via mail that your portrait is ready for shipping. Note that we ship for free only within the country and extra shipping fees may apply if you are abroad. Once you give us permission, we deliver to you. Our delivery time is usually within 3 days in the country and can take as long as two weeks depending on your location across the globe.


Q. Do we need to hire the services of a professional photographer?

A. Not at all, just follow our guidelines on how to take a photograph of your pet and you will be fine. Or better yet you could use pictures from the social media accounts we know you already created.

Q. How do you make the portrait of my pet?

A. Every portrait that we create are done by our very talented artists. This is what we do. Our team are some of the best digital artists in the world engaged in these sort of projects.

Q. Are your portraits of only dogs and cats?

A. Not at all. We create portraits of all types of animals including dogs cats, birds, reptiles, fish, apes, etc. You name it and chances are that we have done it.