“We have come here for the second time and we requested painting for our little German Shepherd. I am so amazed by this company. My order was taken very fast, as a matter of fact, my order arrived two clear days before they said it would be delivered to me.

The painting was put in the required frame I requested for and was packaged excellently well. The quality of the work was outstanding to say the least. I have always admired the fact that whenever I contact the company, I am always attended to by a live person. Whenever I made an inquiry via email, I received an instantaneous reply. “

- Ashley A.

"My Partner is in love with her portrait, thank you so much."

- John B.

“The prices are quite competitive considering the amount of money you would shell out if you were to head to another shop. I would recommend them to all my friends and family if need be."

Ray Bellet

"A masterpiece of art. You guys are the best."

- Jeremy and Jason

"We do not like this portrait. We absolutely love it! Our cat is set in portrait eternity never to be forgotten again."

"The total experience was easy to follow and very wonderful too. You select the photograph you want and follow the guidelines. The final production was far better than what I had imagined. Me and my husband so much adore the portrait you made for us. Thank you!"

- Stephen & Jerry