There is hardly a bond that is as strong as the one shared by humans and their animal children. Just yesterday, a very good friend of mine was distraught and could not eat for days because her dog had cancer and was going to undergo an expensive surgery which may not likely improve the quality of life of her dog.

Now, this dog was 9 years old. But rather than put the dog down, she chose to spend thousands of dollars in fees to make sure her dog received the best treatment available. This shows you how attached we can be to the animals we give our unconditional love to.

Many of us would prefer to even spend time with our animals than having a drink in the pub with our friends. While some of us choose to create custom are of our pets into our everyday items such as pillows, totes, and shirts.

We love our animals and they know it. That is why they follow us to the bathroom when we want to have a quick shower, and they snuggle tightly with us when there is a thunderstorm. Our pets are an integral part of our life and we are very grateful to have them. These are signs you just might be addicted to your pets more than necessary.

1**. Your entire device gallery is consumed with pictures of your pet.**

This is true. We know there are lots of moments to capture with your animal friend, but not these lots of moments! Your cat is all over your phone, tablet, on the desktop background etc. You are guilty as charged!

  1. You take a rain check on social activities because you could not bear to be out while your pet is at home

Your friends have been disappointed with you because of cancelled plans. You give crappy reasons but they know the truth. You can't go because Mr. Sniffles will be home alone!

  1. You throw your pet a birthday bash and spend an inordinate amount of money on them

Your pet goes through so many luxurious treatments such as expensive grooming, a pedicure and manicure, and gets that expensive bash on its birthday where the best pet foods and served to all pets on the guest list. You also give your pet the most expensive presents and visits to the vet doctor is a constant necessity. Admit it, you are addicted.

  1. Your pet is on social media

Yes. You heard that right. If you are the type of person who goes around opening accounts for your pet on Facebook, snap chat, and Instagram, you just might be addicted to that animal of yours.

  1. You give your pet the same treatment you give your child

Your pet gets the same amount of treats your child does, your pet eats at the table with your family, your pets have as much say in the house as your kids do, you definitely are addicted to your pet.

6**. You deny yourself the luxuries of life that your pet might have one**

You do not eat the best or most healthy food. But your pet does. You scrounge on the money for yourself, making budget cuts on your diet but giving your pet the caviar and truffles of the animal kingdom. You have to admit, you simply cannot do without that animal of yours.

  1. You cannot do without them when it is bed time.

Your bed feels so empty when they are not snuggled by your side. Addicted you are!